The power of developing ideas up in the strathosphere and making them usable and useful to managers down in the trenches

Carisma RCT Ltd. is a knowledge-intensive business specialized in solving complex business problems through simple implementable solutions. As a boutique business consultancy, we work with industry, governments and research organisations on the most diverse issues always generating measurable results.

Our mission is to help our clients grow by designing and deploying self-sustainable strategic, organisational and operational solutions for business improvement, business turnaround and business transformation.

Founded in 2007, our strategy is very much based on organic growth and diversification. Although still very much a small company, we manage ourselves with the same level of attention and scrutiny you would expect from larger businesses. A good proof of that is our successful attempt to gain ISO9001 certification by DNV earlier in 2012.

We are headquartered in Aberdeen (Scotland) and Parma (Italy). We use technology to work with distributed teams and clients from all over the world whilst minimizing our carbon-footprint.

RCT stands for Research, Consulting and Training, which are also the three main areas around which the business is structured:

Research Consulting Training
We generate usable insight through a rigorous scientific approach blended with creative thinking We deliver strategy and management consulting to support businesses along the whole life-cycle. We design and deliver ad-hoc executive training and professional development

What we do

For “almost” any business challenge you might be facing, we ask you questions, listen to your answers, frame the problem, work hard to find a solution through experience and top-quality research and then we implement it.

What we do not do

Steal your watch to tell you the time!

What we know

Our core competences lie in business strategy and operations, business improvement, supply chain, strategic sourcing and information systems.

What we believe

We strongly believe that the traditional consultancy approach based on benchmarking a specific client/situation to so-called “best practices” is flawed. Nowadays best practices become old as they are implemented and every business is unique. We can and should learn from pre-existing best practices but simply running after what has worked for others means you are going to be at best an industry follower, not an industry leader.

How we differ

We have reinvented traditional management consultancy and academic research. We take the best features of the latter (i.e. researching best practices, knowing leading-edge theories and tools) and mix them up with the best features of industrial practice (i.e. result-orientation, realism, quick cycle times, experience) to deliver something truly unique that helps you overcome your challenges, within time and budget.

What you get

We help you redefine best practices, become your industry leader and achieve improved productivity, improved sales, reduced cycle times and/or maximised ROI
Since its inception, Carisma RCT has aimed to operate to the same corporate standards as much larger research institutes and consulting businesses. The management behind Carisma RCT comes from long careers at board level in some of the biggest companies, universities and research institutes in the world.

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DNV acknowledges CARISMA’s continuous efforts to deliver high quality services

On Friday the 15th of January, DNV carried out the annual certification audit of our Quality Management System. After auditing our QMS records and interviewing us on how Carisma manage various on-going projects, Steve Evans, DNV auditor, declared himself satisfied that our Quality Management System is sound and fit-for-purpose and that we do manage projects according to the ISO9001 international quality standard. 

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New Contract – Operations Management (Interim Management)

SOLFER Componenti SRL is an italian manufacturing company leader in the design and production of original equipment for companies in the automotive and motomotive sectors. Honda, BMW, Yamaha, IVECO, Linde, Jungheinrich are but a few of SOLFER’s impressive customers. Carisma RCT have been contracted as part of a larger interim management team to lead the day-to-day management and restructuring of all the companies’ operations.

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2015 Emerald Awards for Excellence winning papers online

Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal is the scientific journal edited by Carisma RCT’s Research Institute and edited by Emerald Group Publishing, the largest publisher of management research in the world.  As it is tradition, every year we ask our international editorial advisory board to vote for the past volume's best paper and best reviewers. Once the votes are collected, the winning papers are made available online for free access for a limited amount of time.

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