Excellent Businesses are driven by Excellent Professionals: retaining and developing your team is your priority!

Knowledge is today's most important asset and experienced and skilled staff can sell their capabilities in a global job marketplace. Winning firms around the world recognise the value of professional staff, and are willing to offer competitive pay. If this was not enough, the oncoming retirement boom and consequent younger and less experienced work force in the talent pool are making it more and more difficult and expensive for businesses to find and train the right people to fill their needs.

Carisma RCT's professional development courses take your career and your company to the next level. Our management training courses cover every aspect of organizational enhancement and career development. 

We tailor courses on specific clients’ needs, both in terms of content and delivery mode. We can also use cutting-edge technology for the simultaneous delivery to dispersed teams. Our courses generally involve a balanced delivery of theoretical foundation, observations and analysis of real cases (usually of their own company compared with others), workshops and exercises.

Carisma RCT's professional development suite covers areas such as:

  • Business start-up and Enterprise design
  • Leadership
  • Strategic management
  • General management
  • Project management
  • Operations management
  • Strategic outsourcing and Supply chain management
  • Business technology management
  • Performance management
  • Sales management
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management

Our professional development courses are facilitated by a blend of skilled practitioners sharing practical and tested improvement techniques and internationally recognised academics teaching the latest business theories.

You can download two sample training programmes:

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DNV acknowledges CARISMA’s continuous efforts to deliver high quality services

On Friday the 15th of January, DNV carried out the annual certification audit of our Quality Management System. After auditing our QMS records and interviewing us on how Carisma manage various on-going projects, Steve Evans, DNV auditor, declared himself satisfied that our Quality Management System is sound and fit-for-purpose and that we do manage projects according to the ISO9001 international quality standard. 

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New Contract – Operations Management (Interim Management)

SOLFER Componenti SRL is an italian manufacturing company leader in the design and production of original equipment for companies in the automotive and motomotive sectors. Honda, BMW, Yamaha, IVECO, Linde, Jungheinrich are but a few of SOLFER’s impressive customers. Carisma RCT have been contracted as part of a larger interim management team to lead the day-to-day management and restructuring of all the companies’ operations.

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2015 Emerald Awards for Excellence winning papers online

Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal is the scientific journal edited by Carisma RCT’s Research Institute and edited by Emerald Group Publishing, the largest publisher of management research in the world.  As it is tradition, every year we ask our international editorial advisory board to vote for the past volume's best paper and best reviewers. Once the votes are collected, the winning papers are made available online for free access for a limited amount of time.

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