Carisma RCT has been awarded a contract by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) for the provision of Lean consultancy services.

SMAS, recognised throughout Scotland as an innovative, expert and extremely successful organisations supporting the Scottish Manufacturing Industry, has engaged Carisma to work with its practitioners as Specialist Lean Manufacturing Associates to assist with the delivery of various manufacturing improvement projects across Scotland.

Speaking recently, Dr. Marco Busi, Carisma’s CEO commented “Carisma is delighted to have been appointed by SMAS for this contract.  We are continuously growing our client portfolio and winning more and more contracts both nationally and internationally, but to be recognised by SMAS is a particular honour for us.

Carisma's CEO was invited as a guest of Boise State University to spend a week in intense working sessions and meetings with key players in Boise's industrial and academic arenas.


The main theme for the week's work was Industry-Academia Collaboration. The main objectives were to:

  • Kick off a research project between Marco and Prof. Nancy K. Napier, Director of the University Center for Creativity and Innovation. The research project aims to understand how to increase the social impact of management research and how to bridge the gap between industry and academia.
  • Explore existing models of industry - academia collaboration on-going in Boise: we had a very interesting session with Michael Wojcicki, executive director at TechHelp (, and with prof. Kirk Smith, Associate Dean, Grad Studies and Executive Education
  • Meet some of the key players in Industry: among others we met with Motive Power Inc. (  read more

Carisma RCT seems to be thriving despite the current economic climate. Since January the company has been awarded three major contracts and its commercial portfolio is becoming increasingly international with a substantial pipeline building.

Speaking recently, Dr. Marco Busi, Carisma’s CEO, commented “Carisma is seeing an encouraging growth trend and as a result we have recently appointed Dr. Susie Davison to support the business development and on-going projects.

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'The world has changed, and we must change with it' Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.

The market changes continuously and businesses are left wondering how to react to increasing levels of uncertainty and pressures from the market, customers, and society.

How to improve Supply Chain Productivity and enable long term competitive advantage? That's the key question of the second edition of the Global supply Chain Forum, an event organised by Business International in collaboration with market leaders such as IBM, Oracle, DNV, etc. The event will take place on May 21, 22 in Stresa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in Italy. Around 150 top executives from some of the most outstanding businesses will participate in a series of presentations and debates around some of the key challenges facing most businesses from all around the world.

Carisma RCT's CEO, Dr. Marco Busi, is going to Chair the second day of the event and he will deliver the closing speech: "Future Global Supply Chains: what are the key competitive leverages".

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This year 20th edition of the Production and Operations Management conference takes place on May 1 - 4 in Orlando, Florida. Organised by F. Robert Jacobs (General Chair) and Kyle Cattani (Program Chair) from Indiana University (USA), the conference has attracted clost to 1000 participants from all around the world.

Carisma RCT's CEO, Dr. Marco Busi has been invited to Chair the track on Strategic Outsourcing. For more information and a full conference programme, list of authors, and papers, please visit

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)  is an international professional organization representing the interests of POM professionals from around the world.


The News section of Boise State Radio daily broadcasts "Idaho Business Matters", a short radio feature that focuses on understanding business issues with an Idaho flair (produced in partnership with the College of Business & Economics at Boise State University).

This week, March 23 - 27, the show will be based on insight generated by Carisma RCT's work within global sourcing and outsourcing. We are pleased to see that our work is appreciated as far afield as Idaho, from such a respected radio host as well!

Interview By Jamie Liddell, Online Editor

Jamie Liddell: What have been the biggest consequences for the shared services and outsourcing space of the economic crisis over the last six months?

Marco Busi:The three biggest consequences in my opinion are a general, impressive, unsurpassed far of failure at all levels and functions in all organisations (with all that it entails); lack of spending across the board; and lack of product/process innovation (being also the most worrying long-term effect).

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This week, Carisma RCT's CEO will deliver a 2-hour lecture to BSc and MSc students of Aston University.

The lecture topic is global sourcing and Busi will discuss how decision makers should make strategic decisions,  both according to available theories and in practice. He will touch on the Transaction Cost Theory and the Resource Based View and look at their applicability in the "real world".

Busi commented: "We are pleased to see that our knowledge in the field is recognised by one of the top University in the UK and we are honoured to be given the chance to give this lecture".

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Carisma RCT is invited to deliver a keynote presentation at the Fifth National Convention ASAP Service Management Forum 2008, "Competing through Human Resources: key to excel in after-sales services". Dr. Marco Busi will talk about the "An International Perspective on Customer Service: the Evolution of the British Industry".

The convention is organised by the European Union funded ASAP project consortium, including the University of Bergamo, University of Brescia and the University of Florence.

Sponsors of the event (among others): Assurant Solutions, Oracle and SKF.

Download the full program here.

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DNV acknowledges CARISMA’s continuous efforts to deliver high quality services

On Friday the 15th of January, DNV carried out the annual certification audit of our Quality Management System. After auditing our QMS records and interviewing us on how Carisma manage various on-going projects, Steve Evans, DNV auditor, declared himself satisfied that our Quality Management System is sound and fit-for-purpose and that we do manage projects according to the ISO9001 international quality standard. 

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New Contract – Operations Management (Interim Management)

SOLFER Componenti SRL is an italian manufacturing company leader in the design and production of original equipment for companies in the automotive and motomotive sectors. Honda, BMW, Yamaha, IVECO, Linde, Jungheinrich are but a few of SOLFER’s impressive customers. Carisma RCT have been contracted as part of a larger interim management team to lead the day-to-day management and restructuring of all the companies’ operations.

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2015 Emerald Awards for Excellence winning papers online

Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal is the scientific journal edited by Carisma RCT’s Research Institute and edited by Emerald Group Publishing, the largest publisher of management research in the world.  As it is tradition, every year we ask our international editorial advisory board to vote for the past volume's best paper and best reviewers. Once the votes are collected, the winning papers are made available online for free access for a limited amount of time.

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