At Carisma RCT we deliver strategy and management consulting to support clients along the whole life-cycle: from business start-up, through growth and maturity, all the way to exit and/or succession.

Our clients vary from small organisations seeking support to kick their venture off the ground, to multi-billion-pound enterprises wanting to redesign their global supply chains.

The problems we tackle are typically complex, difficult to solve and critical to business success.

We normally act as:

  • Business analysts: we spend time understanding your business and the issue you are facing. To do so, we talk to key people in the organisation, study documentary evidence, extract and analyse data from internal management systems, benchmark your business and challenge against best-in-class benchmarks.

“I was positively impressed by Carisma’s analytical approach, which led to a thorough understanding of our business and current challenges…Overall, Carisma offered us a tailored service, demonstrating a sound knowledge of the subject and dedication to learning the true nature of our business and our specific requirements”

Steven Laing, Managing Director, LTM Group Ltd.

  • Process Engineers: we have invested significant resources to develop a unique set of skills and tools that allow us to very quickly get under the skin of a company’s processes, identify inefficiencies and devise improvement solutions.

“Throughout the course of this project…Carisma…demonstrated a thorough understanding of the subject, great diligence at learning the specific aspects of our business, a wide-angle view when analyzing the requirements and defining a solution, and a good capability at designing and promoting improvements.” 

Marco Katz, Global IT and L&D Director, Cummins Generator Technology

  • Problem Solvers: a large proportion of the value we add to our Clients comes from our ability to decompose a complex and multi-faceted problem into its most elementary elements to allow for easier assessment and quicker improvement action planning.

“Carisma’s energy, enthusiasm, and positive influence definitely made a high impact on site and a brainstorming session that was led by [Carisma] was one of the best I’ve ever attended.”

Robert A. Dorris, Head of Quality, Franks Sammeroff Ltd

  • Change Agents: we help client shift from being primarily reactive to last-minute events (i.e. firefighting) to becoming proactive, setting a plan and being able to follow it through. Whatever solution we devise comes with an implementation roadmap that Clients can decide to implement themselves or ask us to do it for them. Our implementation roadmap provides procedures for setting targets, key performance indicators for monitoring progress against plan, critical path analysis to identify implementation milestones and a risk management plan to avoid or recover from the most likely pitfalls.

“The brief for Carisma was to look at the business from the “ ground up “ and to provide a report on the current position and the weaknesses, along with a suggested and detailed change process required to maintain the business. Carisma met all the requirements of the project section and also met timescales, providing a concise and well constructed report to the project team, which formed an important part of the final outcome and actions”

Peter Swanson, Managing Director, Pipeline Trading Co. Ltd.

We work with private and public corporations to:

  • Devise successful business strategies
  • Design best in class processes and systems
  • Streamline and optimise back, middle and front office services and infrastructures

We put knowledge at the heart of business success™

We are your partners in business improvement
“minimum disruption, maximum impact”
Our Quality Certification
ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification by DNV
Cummins Generator Technology
Pipeline trading
Frank Sammeroff
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Organisations are under pressure to consistently innovate their operations, their position in the market, their products and their services. Customers and employees alike want to be associated with innovative organisations that don't even know what "business as usual" stands for.

Carisma RCT helps positioning your business or product in the market, defining strategies for organisational and operational excellence and implementing programmes for cascading the strategic vision throughout the organisation.

Carisma RCT's Management Excellence Capabilities cover:

  • Improving/Re-engineering processes
  • Implementing Lean Management Philosophy
  • Optimising productivity
  • Reducing operational lead times
  • Reducing inventory carrying costs
  • Reducing Time to Market (TTM) for new products
  • Managing the New Product Development (NPD) cycle
  • Optimising work-flow and work-flow management
  • Designing and optimising supply chains
  • Accessing global supply and demand markets
  • Defining strategies for growth
  • Managing growth - process, people and infrastructure
  • Managing change - process, people and infrastructure
  • Optimising cost structure
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Optimising overhead allocation
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions

Carisma RCT consultancy is based on extensive experience and proven track record and aims to make your life as an executive leader or an operations manager easier. Our services deliver business intelligence that reduces the amount of time and resources required to make decisions and improves the chances of achieving success sooner than your competitors.

As shown in the image below, we can support you regardless of whether you are a 1-person show or a global business. We understand that skills and complexity vary at each stage and have developed an aptitude for adapting our advisory style, tools and areas of intervention to suit your need. The image below gives an overview of the types of activities we can help you with.

where we can help you take your businee?

No matter what industry you work in, you need a clear strategy, excellent management and state-of-the-art operations.

Excellent businesses set best practices not only in their sector, but across industries as well. What makes your business successful is the ability to define a winning strategy, to implement it through best-in-class operations, and to monitor its success through state-of-the-art control mechanism.

There are lessons to be learned from more mature markets which can help you avoid pitfalls. At the same time there are lessons to be learned from more immature operations which can help you think out of the box and be more innovative in the way you design your development.

Carisma RCT's unique expertise is knowledge transfer across sectors. As such, our services are not specific to one or another industry, but can benefit private and public organisations across various sectors.

So far, we have carried out projects in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewables
  • Business and Financial Services
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • IT
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Public Sector

Harnessing the power of People, Process and Technology for 360° Business Innovation.

Business transformation is an ongoing requirement to manage the evolution of your vision and strategy to adapt to changing political, economic and market developments.  This involves a great deal of change and integration in your organisation. And change is never easy to manage, it requires investment of resources, cultural changes, and operational changes.

Carisma RCT tailored services and solutions are designed to support your business to seamlessly integrate people, process and technology. Having managed change projects in several organisations, we know the challenges and potential obstacles inherent with change, and we are therefore capable of applying our lessons learned to cut down time and resources required, and maximise potential benefits.

We can tell you that we are good (and we are). We can tell you that we’re not like any other consultancy out there (and we are not). We can tell you that we’ll save you $$$ (and we will). We can tell you that you’ll have fun working with us (and you will). We can tell you that you should trust us (and you should).

We can tell you all of that (and we did) and much more.

But why should you believe us?

So, we’ll let our customers do the talking instead.

The Client

IVAR S.p.A. A 56 Million Euro growing business focusing on the production of components for heating and sanitary systems. Established in 1985 and employing around 150 people, IVAR’s 20,000 m² production facility is spread over an industrial complex of 40.000m². In 2002 IVAR Italy became the production division of IVAR Group (120 Million euro), with branches in 11 countries : Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Tunisia, China and clients all over the world.

The Project

Carisma was asked to work with the Managing and Operations Director to design a programme of continuous improvement based on concepts such as Lean/6-sigma. The project, now on-going since September 2011 has grown significantly in scope and effort and now covers a variety of areas such as business strategy, organisational design, performance management, MIS optimisation, project management, etc.

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The Client

Pipeline Trading Co. / One of the Big-Four Accounting Firms/ A Heavy Haughlag and Quarying operator in Scotland.

The Project

Carisma was asked to lead a business process and performance investigation within a Heavy Haughlage and Quarrying operation in Scotland. Pipeline Trading was asked to consult on a business recovery project by a leading international accountancy firm, with a view to averting the liquidation of an old and respected company, which had been very adversely affected by the downturn in the construction within the UK. Pipeline concentrated on the people and funding issues within the project and Carisma were charged with investigating processes.

The brief for Carisma was to look at the business from the “ground up” and to provide a report on the current position and the weaknesses, along with a suggested and detailed change process required to maintain the business.

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The Client

Laing Traditional Masonry. A 6 Mill USD contractor with offices in Aberdeen, Elgin, Stirling (UK) and Malta.

The project was commissioned by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service and focussed on the UK operations.

The Project

In times of steep business growth, the business decided to implement an MIS and the final choice was for the Netsuite ERP. Following four years of convoluted implementation the business realised that the current system was not meeting their requirements. The project was to review the full implementation lifecycle, identify the roots of the current inefficiencies and provide future scenarios’ analysis that would enable the client to make an informed decision as to how to move forward.

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The Client

Cummins Generator Technology. A 1 Bill USD manufacturing multinationals with plants in UK, China, India, Mexico, Germany and Romania and distribution centres in England, Italy, Norway, Spain, Texas (USA), Singapore and Australia. The project focussed on 8 product families, infinitely variable to satisfy customer requirements.

The Project

In times of market downturn, the business realised the limitations of the current S&OP process in planning sales and operations across their global network of factories and the possibility that the process would be equally limited in anticipating the upturn.

The project was to re-design an optimised S&OP Process, integrate Local and Regional S&OP activities into one Global Process, standardise planning procedures and enable the business to be more agile in responding to market swings.

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DNV acknowledges CARISMA’s continuous efforts to deliver high quality services

On Friday the 15th of January, DNV carried out the annual certification audit of our Quality Management System. After auditing our QMS records and interviewing us on how Carisma manage various on-going projects, Steve Evans, DNV auditor, declared himself satisfied that our Quality Management System is sound and fit-for-purpose and that we do manage projects according to the ISO9001 international quality standard. 

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New Contract – Operations Management (Interim Management)

SOLFER Componenti SRL is an italian manufacturing company leader in the design and production of original equipment for companies in the automotive and motomotive sectors. Honda, BMW, Yamaha, IVECO, Linde, Jungheinrich are but a few of SOLFER’s impressive customers. Carisma RCT have been contracted as part of a larger interim management team to lead the day-to-day management and restructuring of all the companies’ operations.

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2015 Emerald Awards for Excellence winning papers online

Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal is the scientific journal edited by Carisma RCT’s Research Institute and edited by Emerald Group Publishing, the largest publisher of management research in the world.  As it is tradition, every year we ask our international editorial advisory board to vote for the past volume's best paper and best reviewers. Once the votes are collected, the winning papers are made available online for free access for a limited amount of time.

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